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"A person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension. Also called psychic."

There is an old saying that mediums are born, not made. That may well be the case but we are all born with the potential to develop psychically. Hard to believe?

If you can accept that we all have the potential to play the piano, consider then how many of us will actually go on to become concert pianists. Now, Grandad could knock out a few tunes on the fading ivories but he never moved that old piano out of the front room. He wasn't professionally coached, no-one encouraged him to try new chords or even tune up the duff ones! So, that's the level he was comfortable at and that's why the family get togethers were always rounded off with the same old songs.

Are you sitting in a development circle, sharing the odd message between friends, maybe giving a reading now and again and have absolutely no desire to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Well, that's fine. Don't be pressurised into giving that dreaded first public performance if it isn't what you really want to do. Developing mediumistically becomes an all-consuming way of life; it's a soul need that won't be denied. Our mediumistic potential is quietly simmering away on the back burner throughout our life, waiting for the right time to be brought to the boil. When that happens, it will demand your full attention and this can bring along it's own difficult period of adjustment.

Presenting mediumship in the public arena is not for the faint hearted. The very nature of what mediums do, "giving messages from dead people," will raise the odd eyebrow here and there and maybe, just maybe, incur the verbal wrath of someone with a fixed belief pattern. Those people could be your nearest and dearest! There will be times when there are just too many difficulties to overcome and the budding medium, with so much potential, gives up.

Ask any working medium how many times they've thought about giving it all up only to be brought right back into the work with more determination than ever. Resolve and resilience will be tested in ways that can never be pre-conceived but until those challenges are met who can say whether or not they are cut out to be a medium?

For every working medium out there who "just makes it look sooo easy..."  there will be another equally good medium quaking in their proverbial boots somewhere; too emotionally overwrought to step up to the podium. If you've never thought about it before, think about it now.

Not only does a medium have to heighten their sensitivity to link with discarnate beings, they also have to develop a bit of a thick skin to handle the sometimes difficult situations in which they work. So many variables come into play; the venue, the hosts, (trust me, this can have an affect!), the mindset of the medium, the audience's expectancy. There is no script to learn, no repeat performance. It's all about trust. Trust in the Spirit world but, more importantly, trust in your own spirit.

Every medium develops their own style of working. Some are more charismatic than others and can entertain an audience with their wit and charm but it is worth remembering what a medium's job description is; to prove survival after so-called death and this can only be done by presenting good quality, evidential mediumship.

more about this later...     

                  Christine          March 2013


If you attend a Spiritualist service or any other event where mediumship is demonstrated, you are doing so with the understanding that you may be on the receiving end of "a message from the other side."

Or, is it?

Can you tell if the information given is psychic or actually from a discarnate Spirit? Unfortunately, most people do not know the difference, unless they have undergone mediumistic training themselves.

What passes for Spiritual communication in some of our churches and centres may be information gleaned psychically. There is nothing wrong with that, providing the medium does not try to pass it off as coming from a discarnate spirit.

A developed medium should be able to identify the communicator, usually by saying something along the lines of, "I have your Uncle Bill here..." and describe how he looked, his characteristics, personality, particular hobbies or what he did for a living, how he passed to Spirit, any known medical condition or a shared memory. This is evidential and should always be given prior to any 'message' being delivered.

You may be given information that cannot be verified at the time but is confirmed by other family members at a later date. In these instances, while it may not be reassuring for the working medium, you know that you are not being read psychically and that piece of evidence is reassurance of your loved one's continued interest in your life.

Remember to stay open to the process, this can be a rare opportunity for a family member or friend to make contact with you. Don't try and be difficult when given information or, conversely, tell the medium too much. Listen to what is being said to you and sensibly decide whether or not it sounds plausible.

If your mother/father/aunt/uncle/brother/sister/friend knew nothing about nutrition.... would they be offering you advice about vitamins or a health regime?

If my Grandmother comes through to tell me how to invest my money... I'll know not to listen to that advice!

God bless her, she hadn't got a clue about finance.

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