GARY MANNION Psychic Surgeon

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For all those who were lucky enough to get into the demonstration of Psychic Surgery on Friday 10th May, ... didn't he do well? What am amazing young man Gary Mannion is. I filmed it and will get that downloaded shortly.

Healing Sessions - if you received psychic surgery, or healing from Abraham (via Gary, of course) and have any feedback, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Workshop - phew! We were limited in numbers but the Shed again proved to be the safe proving ground while we let go and moved through the altered states of awareness under Gary's tutelage.

Seance - limited to 12 sitters in the Shed. What a wonderful experience we shared on Sunday evening!

I will be writing this up in more detail but for now, thank-you to everyone who helped to make that night special. Direct voice phenomenon is quite rare these days but Gary's team have perfected the technique within the last three months.

"This is God speaking!" boomed down from the rafters and made us all laugh, once we realised that it was our Spirit friend's joke....   it was a joke, wasn't it? Jean Morgan ended up with three pairs of glasses gently and precisely placed on her face. Abraham worked on three of the sitters and each person gave a running commentary of what he was doing to them. John is now pain free, by the way.

I am now taking bookings for Gary's next visit in November 2013

Thursday 14th (healing sessions / evening dem of Trance - venue tbc)

Friday 15th (healing sessions / evening dem of Psychic Surgery at the DCC)

Saturday 16th (Workshop & Evening Seance) Details to follow shortly.

Working too hard

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I'm trying out a new method of presenting the newsletter ~ via MailChimp. Now, I might just annoy a few peeps but please bear with me when I ask that everyone re-submit their details on the embedded subscribers form on the home page. It's a big job to type in over 200 email addresses to poulate the lists! Typical nerdy glitch that I cannot just download from Microsoft Outlook. Grrr.

Hope it all goes smoothly and we can enjoy a more professional stream of information. Cx  ;)

BOOKING FORM for HOLISTIC FAYRE Sunday 30th June 2013

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BOOKING FORMS for the Holistic Fayre on Sunday 30th June 2013 are now available and can be DOWNLOADED from this website or via email from [email protected]

Tables are just £25 for the day (no VAT). Book early! ;)

GARY MANNION - Psychic Surgeon

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GARY MANNION - Psychic Surgeon


I met Gary in Oslo while working at the Mediums' Congress and was impressed by his down to earth presentation of psychic surgery. Anything is possible! Although only 24 years old, Gary has already amassed many years of experience, working with Abraham and his Spirit team of doctors and is the Founder of ABE Therapy. Details on his website.

He is currently taking part in scientific research, which has provided him with some amazing healing statistics!

I have invited Gary to demonstrate his gift at Angel Lights (dates to be confirmed - May 2013) and already have names of several people who wish to book for a private healing session with him. These are of 20 minutes duration (yes, that's all the time he needs) and cost £30. Of course, he will be limited to a certain number of clients but I will let everyone know how long he can work over the weekend visit. Healing sessions will be held at my home in Adelaide Close, Durrington, Worthing.

Check out YouTube - there is a public demonstration in Norway made when he was 20 as well as many blog entries of his travels around the world in search of further knowledge and experience.

We can only admire this young man's Spiritual journey.

BOOKING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY   Call Christine 07838 257755     or     01903 691030




ANDREW GRANT Trance Medium

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Tickets on sale now - Only £5

Friday 16th December 2011 at the Durrington Community Centre


Please be in your seats by 7:15pm

Call Christine on 07838 257755 or 01903 691030

Mulled wine and mince pies afterwards... and I promise they are not baked by Jo...... or Andy....  



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I have been working regularly in Norway since the beginning of 2010, thanks to meeting up with Pamela Fornell Haugeland last year at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted. The Norwegians are very nice people to work with, understand English (hoorah!) and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of working over there.


In February, the glossy magazine, "Medium," ran a 4-page interview after a demonstration in Asker with Philip Holden and I was subsequently invited to work in Bergen at Magic Town's Alternative Fair. What surprised me most was that as soon as the doors opened, I had a queue of people for readings with Spirit Art and was kept busy for the whole weekend.


After Bergen, I demonstrated mediumship through Spirit Art in October at the only Spiritualist Church in Oslo. They booked me on a healing night (which was a little strange, I thought) but my communicators didn't seem to mind and we had a surprise "visit" from one of Norway's resistance heroes whose beloved wife had just joined him in Spirit.


Lillestrom was a huge event over three days from 19-21 November with literally thousands of people attending. There were 400 exhibitors from many different countries and demonstrations held throughout each day in 17 very well equipped rooms. I have never worked in front of such a huge screen before! My Spirit portraits were filmed in glorious high definition. At one point, the camera stopped working and we had no live feed on the screen. The engineer had rigged up a ladder (!!) with my camera attached to it and then run off to help out someone else.


I had no choice but to climb the ladder to sort out the problem..... and surprise, surprise... I "picked up" my next spirit communicator mid-climb who turned out to be an electrician! I think the Spirit World was having a bit of fun with me that day.


Uri Geller gave a talk and the American lady who "channels Einstein" also demonstrated. Again, I didn't get chance to see these demonstrations because Pamela and I were kept busy with readings.


Pamela runs a lovely little spiritual centre in Asker, which is about an hour's drive away from Oslo. She is the Vice President of the Norwegian Healers' Association, a member of the SNU and was, until recently, on the committee for the Norwegian Horse Federation. This summer, Pamela held an Animal Communication workshop in Worthing and I have asked her to arrange a return visit in 2011 to accommodate all those who have since expressed an interest in this fascinating subject.


I shall be back in Norway in February to work with students on a mediumship course with a special interest in Spirit Art.


This will be the "warm up workshop" before Paul Jacobs' visit in May and Simone Key in November. Both are senior tutors at the Arthur Findlay College.


 Now I must get things ready for tonight's Evening of Clairvoyance with Maggie Carrington at the Durrington Centre. Hope to see you there!



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