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For all those who were lucky enough to get into the demonstration of Psychic Surgery on Friday 10th May, ... didn't he do well? What am amazing young man Gary Mannion is. I filmed it and will get that downloaded shortly.

Healing Sessions - if you received psychic surgery, or healing from Abraham (via Gary, of course) and have any feedback, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Workshop - phew! We were limited in numbers but the Shed again proved to be the safe proving ground while we let go and moved through the altered states of awareness under Gary's tutelage.

Seance - limited to 12 sitters in the Shed. What a wonderful experience we shared on Sunday evening!

I will be writing this up in more detail but for now, thank-you to everyone who helped to make that night special. Direct voice phenomenon is quite rare these days but Gary's team have perfected the technique within the last three months.

"This is God speaking!" boomed down from the rafters and made us all laugh, once we realised that it was our Spirit friend's joke....   it was a joke, wasn't it? Jean Morgan ended up with three pairs of glasses gently and precisely placed on her face. Abraham worked on three of the sitters and each person gave a running commentary of what he was doing to them. John is now pain free, by the way.

I am now taking bookings for Gary's next visit in November 2013

Thursday 14th (healing sessions / evening dem of Trance - venue tbc)

Friday 15th (healing sessions / evening dem of Psychic Surgery at the DCC)

Saturday 16th (Workshop & Evening Seance) Details to follow shortly.


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MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOP with Christine Parkin CSNU    12 noon - 5pm     £17.50

in The Shed, 24 Adelaide Close, Durrington, Worthing BN13 3HN

Ample free on-road parking

All aspects of mediumship covered. Mixed abilities. Friendly, supportive group.

Whether you are just beginning on your pathway of working with Spirit or are already thinking about taking to the rostrum, Christine will help you to identify any weaknesses, overcome any obstacles and work to your strengths. Would you like to...

* Make stronger links with a Spirit communicator

* Understand the mechanics of mediumship

* Learn how to present the evidence

* Offer professional 1-2-1 sittings

* Hone your platform skills......?

..... and so much more!

BOOK YOUR PLACE:   07838 257755     01903 691030


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10am - 4pm     £15   

to be held in the COTTON HALL at the Durrington Community Centre, Worthing

Colin has spent many years with Native American Indians, experiencing many initiations and prayer fasts, including the sacred Sun Dance. Learn from his valuable insights into the spiritual lore of the Shamans, the sacred artefacts and how we can all live in harmony with the planet.

There will be an opportunity to take part in a 24 hour prayer fast (during summer weather!) in the New Forest. This, in layman's brief, is entering into a deep meditative state to gain insight into our Soul's journey.


email [email protected]

or call 01903 691030 to book your place.

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